Terms of use/privacy policy

This product uses the Flickr's public feed and the 500px API, but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr or 500px.

IMPORTANT: All photographs are owned by their Flickr/500px user and they are protected under copyright law. The only rule you have to follow when using PixtaPlace is to keep from abusing the photographs in any way.

Only photographs that are marked as public are shown on PixtaPlace. If you want to remove your photographs from this site contact us and we will remove them immediately. Alternatively, you can make sure that your photos are marked as private on Flickr or 500px, and PixtaPlace will take note these changes within 24 hours.

How it all works

PixtaPlace gathers photographs from different sources (currently Flickr and 500px) and shows them to the user. The photographs are collected on demand, no "scraping" of the sources is performed.

PixtaPlace does not collect or store either the image files or any other data from the sources for a longer period than 24 hours. For performance reasons we do store some data from our sources for a period of up to 24 hours, but never the actual image files.

PixtaPlace does not collect or store any data about it's users (visitors of the web site). Cookies are used for standard web traffic tracking (with Google Analytics), but for nothing else.